Health Systems Workshop

HSW is an independent and privately funded research and development company.


We undertake policy analysis and reviews of selected health systems issues, and evaluations of specific health programmes. And we provide technical support to international agencies and governments to design and implement needed structural change in health systems and to strengthen their management.

Our policy analysis work has covered, for example:


Our work is based on a systems construction of health services in which behavioural incentives produce health services outcomes aligned with social goals. It deals with the ‘whole market’ within which providers and consumers inter-relate, with ‘whole system’ self-regulation through the balance of participant motivation and knowledge, and with empirical measurement of how change in inputs or external constraints produce output changes in health services systems and ultimately in health indicators. Our technical support to countries and programmes emphasises real-time monitoring and measuring tools for management, rather than periodic evaluations.


Our working partners or supporters in specific studies and evaluations have included:


Our country contexts for studies have included:


Papers, interviews and op-eds have included:
CNN and BBC television, radio stations in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Africa and elsewhere, The Economist, Financial Times and national newspapers in Canada, Africa, India and China, British Medical Journal (BMJ) and The Lancet.


HSW functions by bringing together some of the best international experience and expertise available, tailored to specific research or advisory needs. Our key individuals have been recognised as authorities in health care for decades, and have a wide network of respected experts and institutions around the world with long experience of combining efforts.


Contact HSW to see if we can help you with specific policy analysis or technical support: